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CHARACTER NAME: Lance Alvers // Avalanche
FANDOM: Cartoon
CHRONOLOGY: After "No Good Deed" in season four.

We don't know much about Lance's past. We don't know anything about his past, actually. We know that he's an orphan, has no family, and hailed from Chicago before he ended up in Bayville. Other than that it's all a blank.

Based on his attitudes and reactions throughout the show, though, we CAN fairly safely assume a few points.

It is very likely that he spent some of his younger, scrawnier years bullied. Whenever and however it is his powers manifested, this finally gave him an "upper edge" with his would-be bullies and he used it to this end. As he got older he became more confident, more self-assured. He came to see his abilities as his savior, not his curse.

Meeting Kitty at his former high school was a definite highlight for him. It seems as if he hadn't ever met someone else with mutant powers before, so seeing her phase out of a locker made him realize that he wasn't actually alone. That there were others out there like him. And thus began his torch-carrying for Kitty Pryde.

She doesn't seem too interested in him at first, but she warms up to his oddly charismatic presence and he manages to convince her to help him break into a teacher's office so he can hack into the computer and steal some exam answers.

Xavier and Jean showed up to recruit Kitty, urging her to avoid associating too closely with Lance. Eventually she leaves and joins the X-Men, and Lance is left to take up the only offer given to him-- Mystique's to join her in the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

He lives in a run-down house with his teammates, the unofficial "leader" for the majority of their stay, and waffling back and fourth on what he really wants to do. He loves the freedom of the Brotherhood but doesn't seem to enjoy all of what they do. He doesn't think the X-Men's route of solving the world's problems with hugs and flowers is very practical, but a lot of the things he does in the Brotherhood seem counter intuitive to getting people to understand what mutants can do. He's all about the fear factor, but there's scaring someone into believing you and then there's actually HURTING them to get that point across.

At one point, in an attempt to further himself in Kitty's affections, he leaves the Brotherhood and joins the X-Men. He's met with distrust, is blamed for most everything that goes wrong during his stay, and after proving that he was in fact innocent he returns to the Brotherhood house.

Eventually Lance comes to realize that he and Kitty live in different worlds and, I feel, he gives up on ever winning her over. He's not ever going to be good enough for her.

From the point I take him, he's just gotten a taste for what it felt like to be a hero for awhile. To help people for the sake of helping them, only to have it all blow up in his face when his teammates start to CREATE the situations and then rush in to rescue the citizens from. There's a near-horrible accident when Pietro finds himself unable to stop two trains from colliding, and Lance steps in and uses his powers to have the ground slow the trains down at great expense to himself. He leaves looking tired, beaten.

He's not sure what he wants, or where he wants to be. All he knows is he's here, and he's pretty much here by himself.

Outwardly, Lance is typically seen in one of two personas. One is very self-assured, automatically commanding the authority one would associate with a leader. In fact, during Mystique's frequent absences he becomes the leader by proxy. The issue is never even debated; he just is. He comes across as so confident in himself, in who and what he is that it lends him this air of complete authority and confidence.

The other is that of an overly arrogant bully, the one he seems to slip in most often when he's lacking confidence or unsure of a situation in general. A great example of this is his first interactions with Kitty and the majority of the X-Men. It has a tendency to make him completely unlikeable. Who wants to be around a self-centered jerk all the time?

There are other facets to Lance, but these are the only ones most players in this game will ever see. A few times we see him with Kitty and he seems kinder, gentler, but he hates this part of himself. He doesn't WANT to be soft. He thinks he needs to be harder to survive, to get by on his own. He doesn't want to be bossed around, doesn't want to have to fall in line and match up with the status quo. And in order to do this he feels like he has to be those first two guys. None the less it's there, and towards the point where I take him it almost seems like Lance is just getting tired of keeping it up. Tired of being a tough bad guy. He's still not remotely interested in being bossed around, but it's like he's reached that point we all do when we grow up-- when you realize that the opinions of people in high school don't matter as much as you thought they did, that just being himself instead of acting the part of tough guy is far more likely to get him what he actually wants in the end. That's not to say he's over it completely, but he seems to be leaning that way when the series ends.

He's a lot shrewder than people would assume, able to make calculating decisions in regards to the Brotherhood's movements and attack plans. He's a natural leader, but he's got a temper. He's also prone to feel betrayed pretty easily if it's someone close to him, but the up side to that is he doesn't care enough about most people to feel betrayed in the first place. The two primary examples of this in canon would be with Pietro and Kitty. Kitty, when he finally realizes she's not going to give him the time of day because he's a "bad guy," and no matter how hard he tries she's not going to be there for him. He's not going to be the guy she likes. And with Pietro when he returns from his betrayal of the team, claiming to be the leader. Lance seems furious, leading me to believe the two had at least some semblance of friendship before said betrayal.

CLASS: Anti-Hero, I'd suppose. He's not likely to help people for no reason, but he won't leave anyone behind to suffer either. He's also very likely to stick up for his friends-- he just doesn't call people "friends" very easily.
ALTER EGO: Lance Alvers
POWER: > Avalanche has the ability to generate seismic energy, using it to create earthquakes, seismic disturbances and general earth disruption. He is fully capable of highly destructive vibrations that can destroy easily. The drawback to his ability is that if he concentrates on it for too long, he is prone to powerful headaches. It's also worth noting that although him using his powers is usually accompanied by his "infamous" seizure-face and outstretched hand, he does not have to use his hands to use or direct these seismic energy blasts.

COMMUNITY POST SAMPLE: Uh... hello? This thing on? The hell is this, some kind of messed up TV? Whatever. At least I got a free room outta this. One I don't have to share with jerks who're just gonna slime it up or play boy band music at midnight.

.. oh man! My guitar! I left it in my room! I swear to god, if the guys get their stupid hands on it I'll show them how to bring the house down. And I DON'T mean by having Blob do another cannonball on the couch.

At least New York pretty much looks the same. Though I don't remember it smelling this bad before. The whole city smells like Toad's room.

Ugh. Anyway. So.. what, everyone can hear this, huh? So, hi, I guess. Name's Lance, new to town, blah blah blah.

THIRD PERSON: It was the third time that week Blob'd broken the stairs.

Lance knew it wasn't his teammate's fault; not entirely. He couldn't help weighing a million pounds. It was part of his mutation. But it was still really frustrating to be the only person to bother cobbling the house together in some semblance of "liveable" all the time. The place was trashed, it smelled, it had stains everywhere and holes from his teammates (and his own) recklessness.

But sometimes they couldn't blow off fixing something. I mean, he DID have to get up the stairs. Toad might've been able to leap over it, but his mutation wasn't much help here unless he wanted to make the hole bigger.

It was with an audible sigh that he went back to the rickety, half broken closet and pulled out a small tool box he'd had Pietro steal for him after a great deal of rather insistent threats involving breaking several mirrors and sending photos to his dad about just what Pietro kept up on his walls. Everyone would be home soon and he'd rather not be actually caught in the act of fixing them.

They all had to know, of course. I mean, who else in the house would bother? Blob couldn't, Pietro wouldn't and Toad probably didn't know how. So who else was left? They had to notice that things got magically fixed once in awhile.

Or maybe they didn't. Maybe they didn't actually care.

It wouldn't have surprised Lance in the slightest.